Watch Our Favorite Texas Tech Cheerleader Go Gator-Huntin'

"I want to shoot a gator in the face!" says a charming H-town gal in the debut episode of our favorite new YouTube show, "Game On," featuring Texas Tech cheerleader/elephant killer Kendall Jones.

Jones got a ton of flack for posting huntin' pics from what we're sure was a dangerous African expedition, but thanks to show sponsors Remington, we get to see Jones and a pal in live-action glory. It is a wonder to behold.

The first installment features Jones and her friend Taylor Altom hunting alligators in lake Charles, Louisiana.

After changing from casual shorts into hunting shorts, the women briefly discuss whose boots are more fashionable, and then fire a few rifle rounds into a cardboard box. Man, were we psyched.

On day two, we get to see someone shoot an alligator who's been caught on a chicken used for bait. It's not clear if Jones shoots the writhing creature; we see a full shot of her standing in the boat, aiming a rifle at it, but we never see her pull the trigger -- we just see a close-up of the barrel and the gator's head.

Later, we see Jones and Altom take a selfie with the carcass, with Jones making the requisite duck-face. And then, much like how the Native Americans used every bit of the buffalo, Jones mentions taking the hide to a tannery to make boots or a purse. Fuck yeah. (On her Facebook, just below a screenshot of her grade in accounting class, is a pic of the hide: "Can't wait for my boots and handbag!" she writes).

This is nothing but good old-fashioned fun. Too often online, talented filmmakers and writers waste time trying to shatter stereotypes. But that's not nearly as awesome as reveling in them. We hope "Game On," like hoary cliches, lasts forever.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.