Traffic Snarls Expected Along 59 South Between Newcastle and South Rice

With a little planning, you might be able to avoid this mess.
With a little planning, you might be able to avoid this mess. Photo by Jeff Turner/Flickr via CC
Imagine we're all just living inside a giant video game and, with every road or lane closure, the TxDot gamemaster has put its foot down to redirect our path. Let's just say that GM is doing a little Riverdancing this weekend, setting up some nasty surprises on US-290, I-45 in Galveston and Montgomery Counties, and Southwest Freeway near Newcastle.

IH-69 Southwest

If the words "total closure" strike fear in the hearts of men, then maybe check your pulse this weekend. Beginning Friday, August 2 at 9 p.m. and continuing through Monday, August 5 at 5 a.m., the southbound lanes will be completely and continuously closed on IH-69 between Newcastle and South Rice. Cheat code for this one: Traffic to take IH-69 connector to IH-610 northbound. Take San Felipe exit. Take U-turn onto IH-610 southbound frontage road. Take first entrance ramp onto the IH-69 connector ramp to IH-69 southbound.

US-290 Northwest

Getting to Austin or Brenham will be a breeze, but trying to come home will be a little bit, well, trying. Continuing through Saturday, August 3, they're closing the three outside lanes on the eastbound side from 34th Street to the West Loop, closing nightly at 9 p.m. and reopening at 5 a.m.

Traffic woes aren't just the domain of Harris County. Here's what's happening north and south.

Galveston County

Ever since last Friday, July 26, they've closed the inside lane on the I-45 southbound frontage road on IH-45, all the way from FM-517 to Hughes in Texas City.

There's a total closure on the IH-45 southbound entrance ramp from FM-517 in Texas City. The workaround for this one? All traffic traveling south along the southbound frontage road will need to continue south past Holland and then enter IH-45 southbound using the entrance ramp south of Holland Road.

Both of these situations will stay the same "until further notice."

Montgomery County

The northbound frontage road on IH-45 at Tamina/Research Forest will be totally closed each night from 9 p.m. until 5 a.m., through Monday morning, August 5. One way to get back to the northbound frontage road is by using David Memorial Drive.

One alternate lane is affected on FM-1774 along the northbound frontage road, from Rollingwood to Circle Lake Drive in Magnolia. It will be closed from 8 p.m. until 4 a.m. on Friday, August 2.

These construction projects might be delayed due to inclement weather, but as of now these are the potential hot spots for the Houston metropolitan area this weekend. Plan ahead and keep your head out of the game. For more information, visit
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