Dan Patrick: FINALLY the Tea Party will be heard in Texas

Watch Out Muslims: State Senator Dan Patrick Creates "Tea Party Caucus" In Legislature

Right-wing radio guru

Dan Patrick has announced

the creation of a Tea Party Caucusfor the upcoming Texas legislative session.

And no, "Tea Party Caucus" is not necessarily a synonym for "Texas Legislature," at least not yet.

"The Tea Party has played an important role this year and I want to be sure their voices are heard in Austin long after next Tuesday," Patrick said in today's announcement. Because if there's one thing we know, it's that the Republicans running Texas government just don't pay enough attention to the Tea Party.

Tea Party Caucus members must sign on to the Texas Conservative Coaliton pledge, a magical wish list of promises to cut taxes while balancing the budget, reject federal funds that have "strings attached," secure the border and -- because ACORN is probably still out there, masterminding the kind of huge voter fraud that has resulted in a Democratic-dominated Texas legislature -- supporting legislation that requires "a secure, government-issued photo identification to be presented before voting."

Luckily, Patrick has already taken care of one of the most important bills ever considered by the state, one he proudly brags about on his website: "Dan's first legislative accomplishment was to have 'In God We Trust' permanently displayed in the Senate Chamber."

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