Watch Out; Those Ecstasy Pills You're About to Swallow May Actually Be Meth in Disguise

You should probably think twice before ingesting those blue and yellow or purple (illicit) pills you scored on the Houston streets recently. While the dude slangin' on the corner may have told you those colorful tabs were ecstasy, it may actually be meth in disguise.

Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Office shut down a couple of major drug labs in northwest Harris County Monday, where investigators say pill manufacturers were whipping up methamphetamine pills but disguising them to look like ecstasy. Not awesome at all.

According to the HCSO, deputies obtained voluntary consent to enter a warehouse on West 34th Street -- which was located right next to a daycare and a church, mind you -- and discovered that it was being used as a major drug-manufacturing lab.

The warehouse lab was apparently producing thousands of those meth pills a day, which they would then presumably sell and distribute to the general public.

But that wasn't the only pill mill deputies found, investigators say. A bunch of other suspects -- and a bunch more pills -- were found at a second location off Pinemont.

Deputies say it was at the Pinemont pill mill that they found a large number of pills pressed to appear as ecstasy but that were ultimately found to be methamphetamine. They were packaged in a "K" pack, or a bag containing 1,000 pills. That just seems like a lot of pills, Ecstasy or otherwise.

The search at Pinemont also turned up some counterfeit money and codeine syrup.

The northwest Harris County pill lab would have been able to manufacture about 25,000 "K" packs per day, which amounts to 25 million individual pills. Per day.

Police arrested four people -- 30-year-old Walter Stewart, 24-year-old Carlos Castillo Jr, 34-year-old Quennell Stewart and 21-year-old Kevin Flood -- during Monday's pill mill busts, and more than a million dollars was also confiscated during the raids.

All four suspects are charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance over 400 grams, according to investigators.

So should you be in the market for some random street drugs, maybe just abstain for a while, ai'ght? No one needs to ingest accidental meth. Ever.

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