You talkin' to me?
You talkin' to me?
Courtesy Houston Zoo

Watch the Houston Zoo's Cheetahs Tear It Up on the Dynamo's Practice Field (VIDEO)

While the Houston Zoo's cheetahs haven't broken pro sports' species barrier, they're at least able to get in a good workout at the Houston Dynamo's practice field.

Thanks to the Dynamo, the six-year old brothers, Kiburi and Kito, get to run at the Houston Sports Park once or twice a month, Zoo spokesman Brian Hill told us in an email. He also told us to pay particular attention to the 26-second point: "In the slow-motion part of the video, watch the cheetah's spine. The secret to the cheetah's speed is its spine, which coils and uncoils like a spring catapulting the cat forward."

That's probably the coolest thing we're going to hear all week.

"So far, their top speed is just over 50 miles an hour," Hill explained. "Over short distances, cheetahs in the wild can hit 60 mph. In the wild, the average speed during a chase when hunting is around 40 mph."

We bet K&K would hit that 60 mph mark if that was a real freakin' duck. (Then again, what kind of monster duck would move that fast? On land, no less? But we digress.)

Bottom line: These cats rule.


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