Water Main Breaks: Use Them to Water Your Lawn!

The city of Houston has been hit with a large number of water main breaks this summer, as the never-ending drought causes the ground to shift in ways that old pipes don't handle well.

So if you see a bunch of water flowing past your house on its way to the sewer even as rain seems a distant memory, you do something about it.

You do, at least, if you live in Montrose, where Swamplot has found a DIY bunch of neighbors who have harnessed a leak into a lawn-watering bonanza.

Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia discovered the DIY irrigation system on Kipling Street near Dunlavy where, she says, one of the residents "bought an $80 pump at Southland Hardware and connected it to a hose, allowing neighbors to take turns watering their lawns with the water, which has been running for about 2 weeks."

Nicely done.

It's not like they're doing this surreptitiously: Various people have called the city about the leak, but they've been told the number of breaks right now is overwhelming and the biggest ones get fixed first.

So until they work their way down to this one, the grass will be greener (for free!) in at least one neighborhood.

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