Water Your Lawn During This Drought? The Pros (It's the Right Thing to Do) & Cons (It's an Expensive Pain)

The punishing drought rages on and on with little relief in sight. And already, officious homeowners associations are getting on residents for not watering their lawns.

If it's not a busybody HOA, it might be your neighbors silently seething and cutting you off from future barbecues.

So -- Are you a moral reprobate if you fail to constantly water your lawn these days? Five pros and cons.

5. Pro: A brown lawn looks ugly. Con: Nature made it that way. Who are we to mess with Mother Nature?

4. Pro: It doesn't take much water. Con: Are you kidding? Have you seen your water bill lately?

3. Pro: It's not difficult. Con: Yeah, just wait until your very zealous gardener wife goes out of town and leaves you with what seems like a two-page single-spaced list of instructions, none of which even concern the front-yard grass. The line must be drawn somewhere.

2. Pro: Houston's such a green city. Con: Exactly. We're sure we could find all kinds of ecological studies showing the harmful effects of using water on your lawn at times of drought. But we don't feel like doing that research, so we're just going to assume they're there to be found.

1. Pro: What, you can't turn on a sprinkler? Con: Do you know how early in the morning you're supposed to do it? Who's being unreasonable now?

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