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Tony Buzbee Sending Watson Lawsuit Details To Local Authorities

Deshaun Watson's alleged transgressions are about tog et some attention from law enforcement.
Deshaun Watson's alleged transgressions are about tog et some attention from law enforcement. Photo by Eric Sauseda
If there is one thing we've learned about Tony Buzbee since this past Tuesday, it's that there is no set timetable on when he will drop news surrounding the slew of sexual misconduct civil lawsuits that he is filing against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, a dozen in total, as of this writing. Just when you think it's safe to go to bed and the news cycle will rest, a post on Instagram will pop up at 11 p.m. (Quite the ordeal for a morning sports talk radio host with a 3:30 a.m. wake up call!)

So if you thought that the Deshaun Watson lawsuit news cycle was going to take the weekend off, PLEASE. Think again. Thus, so it was, on Saturday night this past weekend, that Buzbee made us aware of specific plans to take the Watson saga to the next level, by going to the Houston Police Department and the District Attorney's office.

From Buzbee's Instrgram account:

It would be interesting to know what Watson's expectations were for the next four days after he tweeted his vehement denial of the accusations from the first lawsuit filed on Tuesday afternoon, a denial in which he revealed Buzbee's attempt at a "baseless six figure settlement":
I'm guessing he didn't see that as a precursor to nearly a dozen more women filing lawsuits, with another near dozen at least in conversations with Buzbee about their experiences with Watson.

Watson is on the cusp of having to defend himself on three very harrowing fronts. First, there is just the sheer volume of the civil lawsuits. It's one thing for there to be one accuser, but it's another thing altogether for there to be a dozen. Add it all up, and logically, it can really only be one of two things — Watson is a major sociopath, or he is the victim of one of the most intricate conspiracies of all time.

Second, the NFL is now investigating Watson, as outlined in a letter from the league to Buzbee that the attorney posted on his social media late last week. It must be pointed out that the league does not necessarily mirror the decision of the courts when it comes to determining whether a player violated the NFL's Conduct Policy. Roger Goodell will conduct an independent investigation, and if they unearth details that are worthy of punishment, then he will act. The bottom line is that there is a very real possibility that Deshaun Watson could get hit with some sort of suspension, the magnitude of which is really tough to estimate. The fact that it's allegedly a dozen women makes this very tough to compare to other assault suspensions, like Ray Rice's or Ezekiel Elliott's, in which there was only one victim involved — their respective significant others.

Finally, this latest news of Buzbee going to the local authorities is the scariest of all for Watson, because we aren't just talking about a worst case scenario of civil lawsuit settlements, or losing game checks. Now, we are talking possible jail time, and the possibility of going from signing a deal to become the second highest paid player in the league in September to prison a year later.

For now, those are only the POSSIBILITIES. It should be pointed out that, other than the aforementioned Watson tweet on Tuesday night, Watson has said nothing about the allegations. All the information has come from Buzbee's and the victims' side of things. Watson will have his day in court. His attorney, Rusty Hardin, issued a statement over the weekend foreshadowing some response from Watson this week.

As always, stay tuned ALL hours of the day, even well past your bedtime, on this unfolding chapter in the craziest time in Houston sports history.

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