Wayne Dolcefino -- The Mugshot
Photo courtesy Austin County SO

Wayne Dolcefino -- The Mugshot

The legendary Wayne Dolcefino has pled no contest to trespassing charges in connection with an Austin County incident.

He got onto the farm/ranch property of a Houston architect who was part of an expose on Harris County contracts. We're somehow thinking shaky hand-held cameras and hidden devices were involved.

He'll do some probation-type stuff and get deferred adjudication.

But the episode has presented us with the Dolcefino mugshot, circa 2008:

Here's Wayne's mug from the KTRK website:

You know, we guess Wayne is Wayne, whether it's a mugshot in front of a cinder-block background or a glamour shot taken by a highly trained professional under optimal conditions and lighting. There's only so much you can do.

Such a charming smile, though...on the first one.


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