We Ask, You Respond: What Should Happen to the Astrodome?

The clock is ticking for the Astrodome. On June 10, the deadline for private companies to submit their financially sound ideas for the Dome will hit. On June 25, the HCSCC will present Harris County Commissioners Court with the ideas. At that point, decisions will be made, votes will be cast and we'll finally know what the future holds for the Eighth Wonder of the World.

By now it feels like everyone has had their say about what we should do with the Dome. Even us, the humble folks at Hair Balls, have put in our two cents. With the deadline for proposals inching closer by the day, we realized something:

We hadn't asked you what you would do with the Dome.

Thanks to the magic of Twitter and crowdsourcing, we were able to get your thoughts on what the future of the dome should be. Some of them are reasonable, but others are downright bizarre. We rounded up our favorites, and hey, maybe one of them will come to pass.

And just so you know: Not a one of you suggested turning it into a parking garage. Good show.

But where will we get a truck big enough to haul it around?

Why ya gotta be so mean?

Credible... or incredible?

Solid idea, but we can already hear the arguments about who should be part of the statue.

Interesting idea, provided we could find stuff to grow in the Texas heat.

Astrodome Park does have a nice ring to it.

Weekly battles for the dome? That might be fun.

A dome inside a dome? Let's not go giving

Pauly Shore

any ideas.

Good to see that some of you aren't afraid to dream big.

I don't think they make poles that big.

I just imagined the smell and... wow.

Space city.

Only in a perfect world.


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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.