We Can All Be Golden State Fans for at Least a Day or Two

GOLDEN STATE! Making NBA history, Golden state beat the Mavs in Game Six last night, 111-86. It’s always nice to see a cocky number one seed go down. And it’s always nicer to see Mark Cuban, quite possibly the most self-obsessed human alive, fail. Yeah, it seems like some of the hate I hold for the Mavericks is unwarranted. But seriously, they epitomize arrogance gone wrong. We can take their story and make a fable for children to learn.

2006 finals: They win two games and start celebrating the arrival of their first banner. BAM! Miami wins four and the Mavericks lose.

This year: They won 67 games and easily became the first seed. Towards the end of the season, they lost a few games. They were getting comfortable, and arrogant. BAM! They lose to the eighth seed in the first round.

Now if and when Dirk wins MVP, which will be quite awkward to award a player who’s not even in the playoffs, it’ll be a nice trophy to remind him of the year he couldn’t get his team through…again. No matter what happens Saturday night, at least we can say we outlasted the "amazing" Mavericks in the playoffs.

Hats off to the Warriors for showing up the Mavs. They are by far everyone’s favorite underdog, but as Houstonians, we can only cheer for them for a couple more days. Round Two against them will be quite the series to watch. – Ishanee Parikh

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