We Get It, Twitter: (Not) All the Tweets About Tom Brady Having Sex with Gisele Bundchen

The Twitter world blew up when Gisele Bundchen, supermodel wife of not-so-super QB Tom Brady, endearingly defended her man to boorish Giant fans, throwing his teammates under the bus in the process.

But that is apparently not the most important thing to know about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. The most important thing, if Twitter is any guide, is that this married couple has sex.

That was a recurring theme surrounding the Super Bowl, tweeted by comics, normal people and three Web sites that have "Humor" in the name.

Revel in it all:

@TweetsLMAO Even though Tom Brady lost the Super Bowl he still gets to go home and bang his Super Model wife Gisele.

@ thecourtneykerr No one should feel sorry for Tom Brady. He's going home to Gisele for crying out loud.

@CollegeHumor How long do we think Tom Brady will be upset about the loss after he remembers he gets to put it in Gisele Bundchen?

@MensHumor No matter if Tom Brady wins or loses the #SuperBowl , he still gets to go home and bang Gisele.

@ AmericanHumor I have a hard time feeling bad for anyone who gets to go home and sleep with Gisele. #betterlucknextyear

@sugarsammyk You know you're living the good life when Gisele Bundchen is your consolation prize. #TomBrady #SuperBowl

@ChadSmithDT16 Win or loss Tom Brady gets to go home to Gisele. #goodlife

@DouchyTomBrady I'm still winning with #Gisele tonight #amongothergirls

@NotJakeOwen I'd rather be the loser that bones Gisele than the winner that looks like he has down syndrome.

@Tahj_Mowry Dear Tom Brady, you have Gisele to go home to. There is no reason you should be sad. Get over it. LOL....

@mrdavehill Tom Brady is all like "Congrats, Giants. I'm going to have sexual intercourse with Giselle Bundchen, the supermodel now. Enjoy your rings."

@KCMontero Tom brady loses the super bowl..but goes home to giselle.. Not to shabby.

@DanteRoss No matter what happens Brady gets to go home and bang Giselle #lifesnotfair

Well played, Twitter.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.