We Got Your Inspirational Sports Story Right Here

I got this link from one of my readers (and commenters), though I won’t mention his name for fear of ruining his reputation. And with the Olympics underway, I thought it was appropriate to share it with the rest of you.

The link leads to a story of a Cambodian volleyball league which is comprised of disabled people, many of who were once on opposite sides of Cambodia’s Civil War. And despite their disabilities, these volleyball players also take on national teams of non-disabled players from other countries, and often come out on top.

So thanks to my reader for leading me to the story, and thanks to the folks of Good Magazine for sharing the story with the rest of us. And as you watch the Olympics for these next two weeks, and as you watch the volleyball competition, think of these Cambodians and the obstacles that they’ve had to overcome.

And I’m pretty sure that when Bob Costas starts relaying some sob story or inspirational story related to Kobe Bryant or Michael Phelps or Dara Torres, you’ll discover that their story isn’t really that inspirational, or really that much of a sob story, when compared to these Cambodians. – John Royal

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