We Have Our New Mayor!

Annise Parker gave a pretty great speech tonight in accepting the win...beginning with the joke about being "the first.....(pause)....Rice graduate" to win a mayor's race in Houston."

Didn't duck the family thing at all...But no kiss!!!!

We'll have our update from our man on the scene in a bit, but til then a few things:

  • TV stations seem to think there will be street celebrations in Montrose. We'll see.
  • Our man at the Gene Locke HQ says that right until the big numbers came in around 10 p.m. everyone was still hopeful. Then Locke gave his speech, and the place emptied very, very quickly.
  • Channel 11's Bob Stein compares Annise Parker's win to Lee Brown's: One candidate was "different" by birth, one by choice. What? Choice?
  • Oh, and KPRC's "Buzz Lady," Roseanne Rogers,got crushed in her attempt to win in Bellaire.

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