We Heart Houston -- and All of Its Food, Too

What's not to eat in Houston?

That's the question we pose in this week's cover story, "We Love Food." The answer -- in case you hadn't already guessed -- is very little. There is virtually no cuisine you can't find in Houston, and most of what you find is very good. With 8,000 restaurants and counting, we are spoiled for choice in this city.

We are also a sprawling metropolis in every sense of the phrase, meaning that being spoiled for choice in a city so large can make it difficult to seek out and find the best of the best. That's where we come in.

From Nigerian goat pepper soup to updated Salvadoran-American breakfast hybrids, from historic Nation of Islam desserts to Vietnamese waffles made with pandan grass, this week's cover story is our guide to some of the most interesting food in the city, one favorite dish at a time. There are 100 in all to choose from.

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Although a few of the restaurants have closed since the list was completed, there are still 94 dishes out of 100 waiting to be tried out. Start today and maybe you can try all of them before our 100 dishes for 2012 starts in May.

If you're more of a spatial learner, you might want to check out the list of our 100 favorite dishes laid out in Google Maps. You can see which restaurants/dishes are closest to you or which will require mini-road trips and start working your way through the list geographically.

Either way, make sure you try them all: Eating your way through Houston is truly one of the best ways to experience our amazing city.

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