We Kinda Liked "Burrito Bowl"

Lone Star Sports & Entertainment
Admit it, the logo is sex-ay...

You know what college football needs? More bowls. And thanks to the pigskin gods, and to the folks at Lone Star Sports & Entertainment, we'll have yet another come Thursday, December 28, at Reliant Stadium. On that hallowed day, teams from the Big 12 and Big East conferences will compete in the (drumroll) ... Texas Bowl. In the future, competing teams will be chosen from the Big 12, Big East and the good ol' Conference USA. They'll also extend an invitation to Texas Christian University, because, well, everyone loves Horned Frogs.

Says Lone Star Sports & Entertainment president Jamey Rootes of da Bowl, which was unveiled today:

"The name 'Texas Bowl' and this mark perfectly communicate our vision for the game, which is to create an annual celebration of the culture, heritage and football tradition of the Lone Star State. We believe we will look back at today's event as the launching pad for the next cherished Houston sports tradition."

Man, take "Texas" and put it into a local football context. Why didn't anyone think of that before? — Steven Devadanam

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