We kinda liked "Spaceballs"

Oh sure, we all knew we needed a blog. But coming up with a name was tough. Thank the stars our editor in chief, Margaret Downing, is good with words. (Check out her entry on the Houston Dynamos and quarter horse racing.) She, in fact, named this blog. Good thing too, as our names weren't as snappy. Witness a recent e-mail brainstorming session between two staffers:

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:24 PM >>> I think I've got a name for you.

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:24 PM >>> This should be good...

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:25 PM >>> How about "Achooston"? You know, smog, allergies, that kind of stuff.

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:26 PM >>> Gross.

We can see it now: Achooston

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:26 PM >>> You got something better?

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:26 PM >>> "Hounivision" It's ethnic!

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:29 PM >>> I seriously doubt legal will go for that.

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:32 PM >>> Fine. How about "Ok Bayou"? It ties in the bayou theme.

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:32 PM >>> How'd you get this job anyway?

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:32 PM >>> Hater. Okay, I'm thinking "Hughston." You know, Hugh Grant, baby! Feel me? You know I met Elizabeth Hurley, right?

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:33 PM >>> Yes, I've read your MySpace profile. "Hughston"... I like it! It's sexy and trashy!

Maybe Liz Hurley would visit Hughston?

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:35 PM >>> Maybe "Spaceballs" See, it's like Space City, but with a Hair Balls attitude!

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:36 PM >>> Crap, it's been done. Who knew?

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:36 PM >>> "Hounicycle" Get it? It's like the sports theme...

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:37 PM >>> No one bikes in Houston, dude. What do you think this is, indymedia?

>>> Steven Devadanam 06/29/06 1:38 PM >>> "Houston Press Blog" It's kinda vague, I know.

>>> Keith Plocek 06/29/06 1:39 PM >>> I don't even know why I bother.

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