That's gotta hurt.

We Knew It Was the Cubans All Along

Here are some home movies that are probably not of national historic import:

-- Your nephew's Christening -- Your Uncle Al getting drunk from his gin-filled hip-flask at your cousin's bar mitzvah -- You playing air guitar at the Jimi Hendrix exhibit at the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame

Here's an example of a home movie that might be of national interest:

-- That footage you have of JFK's motorcade in Dallas, 90 seconds before he was assassinated

It seems photographer George Jefferies finally got around to donating this prized reel to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. Until now, the only other photographic evidence that Oswald did not work alone but was in fact in kahootz with this man was in the Zapruder film, or the lesser known (and lesser quality) Nix film. This footage not only confirms that, but also puts to rest, once and for all, the theory that Dallas is a good place to visit. -- Craig Malisow

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