We Know This Great Power Line Where We Can Hang Out

We get all kinds of swag for upcoming events. Books. Salsa. Inflatable airplanes. Hell, one time we even got one of those large rectangular air filters — why exactly, we'll never know.

But we have to wonder, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, if the folks at the Park to Park Run don't have any ulterior motives for sending us our latest freebie: one brand new running shoe.

The key word is "one," and that truly is the loneliest number when it comes to footwear. But attached to the shoe was a sticker with a note: "Should you wish to donate this shoe, its match can be located with," followed by the name and phone number of a woman at


. In an effort to keep the PDA to a minimum, we'll spare you the actual name of the woman, but we do have to admit our curiosity is piqued.

Are the folks behind the Park to Park Run trying to tell us something? Is that woman a potential soul mate? Is there a lifelong smoking buddy out there for HouStoned? Man, we're getting a little excited just thinking about it.

Dearest KHOU Woman, we think it's high time our lonely little shoe met up with its mate. Drop us a line. Perhaps our sneakers can reunite over dinner. And after that, wherever the night takes us. — Keith Plocek

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