We Spoke Too Soon!! Help May Be On The Way For HISD's Dopesters!

We may have completely underestimated our ability to bring relief to all those HISD teachers trying to elude the relentless drug-sniffing dog (who we're naming "Druggie," by the way).

We proposed Bubbles Car Wash give free detailing to every HISD teacher who, ummm, feels a sudden need to have a scent-free car. When we first talked to Bill Lawrence, head of the chain, he sorta blew us off.

But Lawrence has now gotten back to us, and is apparently a man who would not say "no" to any promotional idea, at least without giving it some thought.

"If by doing this would I be sending the message it's OK to have drugs?" he asked. "Now, if you'd asked me 40 years ago, I would've been all over it. But now I've got kids going to those schools -- you kind of move the line in the sand as you get older."

Then again, there's the practical matter of giving free detailing to thousands of teachers. "My partners may have some questions about that," he said, reasonably enough.

But a true entrepreneur is never daunted.

"Maybe if we did it for a limited time -- 'Hurry up and get it done' -- that would work," he said.

Now we're getting somewhere.

"Let me talk to them and get back to you."

The teacher corps of HISD awaits, sir. Probably getting high just to ease their nervousness.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.