We, Um, Always Knew Lidge Could Do It

Forget about the Red Sox, the Astros should be talking to the Cincinnati Reds about Brad Lidge. The Reds bullpen blew leads in each game, giving up five runs in the eighth inning of each game.

The positives, besides scoring late to win both games, were the Wednesday performance of Chris Sampson, who struck out seven in seven innings, and the emergence of Jason Lane from a slump that began last season – he hit home runs in each game. And hey, how’s this for good news? Brad Lidge got the win on Thursday night, bailing out Woody Williams who got slapped around yet again. And more good news, Lance Berkman’s finally gotten his batting average over .200.

The Astros are now two games above .500 with a record of 8-6. The next stop is a three-game series in Milwaukee, followed by a stop in Philadelphia to make up for the game rained out last Sunday.

And hey, I’ve got just the trade for the Astros. Maybe, just maybe, the Reds would be willing to trade Josh Hamilton for Brad Lidge. – John Royal

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