We Weren't Lying: A Hell Of A Lot Of People Saw The Wiz In The Park

We wrote earlier about our various attempts to see the Ensemble Theater's free production of the The Wiz in Hermann Park.

Incredibly long lines for covered parking, and packed conditions on the hill, defeated our attempts to enjoy the spectacle.

And now we know why, officially: The Ensemble says an amazing 22,000 people came to see the two performances.

"Record numbers stood in line as early as 6:00AM Saturday morning for tickets to the pavilion area, although the box office didn't open until 10:30AM. The show started at 8:00PM, but by 4 o'clock people could be seen with lawn chairs and blankets vying for a good viewing spot on the hill," the theater announced.

A crowd of 22,000 may not seem like much compared to an Astros game (when they're going good), but it's pretty damn impressive for the Ensemble.

Long lines for free theater in the park are a staple in New York, which annually puts on Shakespeare in Central Park, and people line up before sunrise to get in. (It helps when Anne Hathaway is starring.) So we probably shouldn't complain too much about the lines that formed for The Wiz.

The crowds that did stay to see the show included hordes of kids. We can only hope they loved the experience and will become enthusiastic stage fans.

At any rate, cheers to the Ensemble for its coup.

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