We Wonder If The Woodlands Really Needs Its Own Show About Wild Latinas

The Latino population of the ever-growing area of The Woodlands (total population, according to the Census is 93, 847) is still at around 11.5 percent. The area is already well documented as being a draw for wealthy Mexicans.

And it probably comes with little surprise that a Hollywood production company decided to flip that Census data on its head with a reality show chronicling the lives of Latinas who are part of The Woodlands glitterati.

Or so it seems. The pilot for the show, which was shot a year ago, but only in the last few months made it on the Internet, capitalizes on tired stereotypes of Latino women.

Here you have the well-heeled, poor English-pronouncing, heavy drinking, sexy-tight-dress wearing Latinas that we've come to love on prime time television and the movies. And supposedly, this set has deep roots in The Woodlands. We're sure all those newly arriving ExxonMobile employees are going to love this.

We tried to get some more info about this clip you see at the top of the page. We called the producers of the show, a company called Druthers Media and Melissa Campbell at Kaplan Stahler Agency. In true Hollywood fashion, they were too busy to talk to us. After hearing that Hair Balls was a Houston-based publication looking for info on "Latinas of the Woodlands" we got the "we'll call you back" treatment. We're still waiting.

One person did talk to us about the project. "It was the pilot [episode] and the agents in L.A. are trying to see if there's a Spanish channel that will buy it," local singer Yelba Heaton, featured in the show, told us.

She said all the woman featured are from The Woodlands, with the exception of one Los Angeles-based actress in the cast. The crew shot over three different days at Woodlands locations, including the home of a doctor.

Heaton told us that if the pilot gets picked up that she would be regularly featured in the cast. We're sure with all the great press surrounding other shows in a similar vein like the "Real Housewives of" and all those shows on BET where the women fight over rich guys, that this show will be a real big hit. If it ever gets picked up by a television station.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.