Weather Sucks This Week, So If You're Traveling to or From Houston, Prepare to Wait

If you're heading into (or perhaps out of) Houston on a flight during this Christmas week, you should probably bring some knitting needles with you to the airport or something, because chances are you could get stuck waiting a while.

A Christmas week storm has flights across the nation all jacked up, with deicing delays and cancellations happening all over the place.

According to FlightAware, more than 5,600 flights were delayed and more than 500 cancelled nationwide Tuesday, and 13 different U.S. airports each had over 100 delayed or canceled flights.

Travel from both Hobby and Bush Airports was impacted Tuesday by a bunch of weather issues -- including crappy weather in Chicago and the East Coast -- as well as delays caused by those wicked thunderstorms.

Bush Intercontinental Airport ranked among the top airports with the most delays nationwide Tuesday on FlightAware's maps -- which, if you were one of those unlucky travelers, you were probably already aware of.

Those delays and cancellations carried over into Wednesday, too, with hundreds of flights affected across the nation. As we post this, IAH currently has 89 delayed flights and two cancellations, according to FlightAware's "MiseryMap," which tracks cancelled and delayed flights in real time across major airports. And crappy weather elsewhere could just worsen things across the day; according to, low clouds, rain and fog are jamming up major Northeast hubs and airports in Charlotte and Atlanta.

Heading to Florida, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco or Detroit on Christmas Eve? Well, have fun with that. says those areas will probably also have major delays for travelers because weather is fun, kids.

And, just like an annoying cherry on top of your shit weather sundae, Houston won't skirt local weather issues for long, either. On Friday, Houston may again see some delays from more low clouds and fog.

Have fun out there, folks. Make sure to charge your electronic devices, 'cause it looks like you'll probably need the distraction.

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