Weather Week: As the Cool Weather Moves in, Wave Goodbye to Hurricane Season

Recently, we wrote about the anniversary of Hurricane Ike and showed you just how much has changed with then and now photos. Another devastating hurricane, Carla, had its anniversary recently as well. While this year has mostly been a dud, we still have a couple months officially left in the season. Fortunately, we won't have to worry about it, but more on that in a moment.

The weekend brought rain...a lot of rain. Most of the Houston area got at least 2 inches of rain and as much as 5, though one area reportedly got 7. That won't get us completely out of the clutches of drought conditions, but it sure helps. Along with the rain came decidedly cooler temperatures dipping into the mid-60s Sunday morning.

It's going to warm up through the middle of the week all the way back up to the mid 90s before another cool front approaches early next week. Rain chances should increase ahead of the front by the weekend. If forecasters are right -- and it's a long ways out for an accurate forecast -- we could see low temperatures in the 50s by the middle of next week.

Eye on the Tropics

There is a disturbance in the northwestern Gulf that will bring some rain into our area today, though only a slight chance. Other than that, the Atlantic is super quiet, which is curious for the heart of hurricane season. The good news is that Texas rarely has hurricanes after September 23, mainly because we begin to get our first cool fronts, which inhibit storms near our coastline. With the first front already through and another on the way next week, it's a safe bet you can pack away your generator, extra batteries and stores of alcohol until next June. It was a much meeker season than predicted, thankfully, but it is always good when it's over.

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