Weather Week: Back to School, Back to Summer...for Now

That dreaded first morning back to school (for kids and parents) this year was punctuated with surprisingly cool weather. While northerners may be used to sub-70 degree August mornings (or sub-50 in some cases), Houstonians are not exactly acclimated to that kind of "cool" weather this time of year. Instead of sweater and light jackets, we tend to dress our children in shorts and anything that retards sweat.

But Monday morning we got our first actual glimpse of fall with temps falling into the upper 60s for the first time in a VERY long time. But, things will return to normal the rest of the week, just as the normalcy of the school year settles in for parents.

Beginning today, that familiar muggy feeling will settle back in to the area with temperatures rising into the mid 90s and falling into the mid 70s at night. There is quite a bit of moisture just off the coast and it should gradually begin working its way onshore. This tropical flow will create a good chance of showers and thunderstorms throughout the week, mostly in the afternoons and early evenings when the heat of the day is at its peak.

That pattern should continue for the entire week and may even hold through the weekend. Might not be the worst idea to send an umbrella with the kiddo this week.

Eye on the Tropics

The Atlantic remains eerily quiet for the peak of hurricane season. With only about three weeks left in the heart of the season, if it is going to get busy out there, it better...well, get busy. We are still ahead of the normal number of named storms for this time of year (five), but none have been hurricanes. As the Atlantic Ocean climatologically speaking enters the period most conducive for producing hurricanes, we will continue to monitor it. Things can change rapidly and they better if the busy hurricane season everyone predicted is going to materialize.

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