Weather Week: Beautiful Turkey Day on Tap as Temperatures Slowly Warm Up

If you think Christmas shopping just doesn't feel right unless the weather outside is rather nippy, well, you're in luck as Black Friday approaches. For the past few days, Houston and the surrounding area have seen some extremely cold weather for November. Days with highs in the 40s have pushed near records, though cloud cover has kept it from getting too cold at night. As those clouds begin to move out, we will start to see a warm-up, but not before we likely get our first freeze of the year overnight Tuesday.

The good news is that we should finally get out of the 40s by Wednesday and start to see a gradual warming of temperatures through the weekend. Thanksgiving Day looks particularly beautiful with blue skies and high temperatures in the mid 50s. Black Friday should be similar, with highs reaching the lower 60s and lows in the mid 40s, so not too cold if you are crazy enough to camp out in front of a Best Buy or do something equally ridiculous.

By the weekend, the warm onshore flow should resume and we'll push back up into the low 70s with increasing cloud cover into early next week.

But for the remainder of this week, it should be virtually perfect fall weather. The weather for the parade on Thursday as well as the lighting ceremonies around town should be absolutely fabulous. If you are like me and you get up to watch the parades on Thanksgiving (don't judge me!), you'll be happy to note that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade should go off without a hitch, though they better hang onto those floats because it is going to be cold and blustery in New York.

No doubt they will envy our perfect weather, so pardon us if we gloat. Gobble.

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