Weather Week: Chamber of Commerce Weather in January

If you were hoping the very cold weather would start to ease up just a bit, your wish has come true. Despite dropping into the 20s last week, the warmup came with haste and by the weekend, we were back in the 70s. Yes, a 50-degree turnaround in just a couple of days. Along with the warmup, we've had a bit of rain -- not a ton, but enough to water the grass and keep humidity levels high.

This week, an approaching cool front will keep temps up into the upper 60s and lower 70s Tuesday, but things will start to cool down again by late Tuesday. The rest of the week and into the weekend should bring sunny skies and highs in the low to mid 60s with lows mostly in the 40s and no more freezing temperatures, at least for now.

Additionally, we should be rain-free until early next week.

This is the kind of weather that allows us to call our relatives and friends in the northern parts of the country where they are still digging out of snow and let them know we wore a pair of shorts and flip-flops today. Sure, they'll pay you back in August when the heat will make you want to die, but for now, take the victory and move on.

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