Weather Week: Cloudy, Raining with Cooler Temps by Midweek

If you like wet, overcast, cool weather, this week is going to be your favorite. If you don't, buck up there, little man, there is good to be had from your misfortune. While anyone who suffers from seasonal affective disorder (i.e., people who live in Seattle) might find this week kind of depressing, it's likely to provide one very positive benefit: It should put a serious dent in the drought.

A large swath of central and eastern Texas has been inundated with rain since the end of last week. The final day of the Austin City Limits Festival was canceled in Austin because of 11 inches of rain that fell in that seriously rain-deprived town. And more is on the way this week as a cool front approaches.

There is a 40 percent chance of rain virtually every day this week, with our best chances coming tonight and Friday. With the front passing tonight, temperatures will cool off and high temperatures for the rest of the week well into next are expected to remain in the 70s. This cool, cloudy, occasionally rainy pattern should last right through the week with perhaps a break on Sunday before more of the same sets in for next week.

By the middle of next week, things should begin to clear and dry out for the area, but until then, it's going to look a lot like the Pacific Northwest around here with the occasional break of blue skies because, you know, it's Texas.

The one thing for sure is that it is most definitely not going to feel like summer any longer. Even with high humidity, those highs in the 70s will make it feel pretty darn pleasant. Enjoy!

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