Weather Week: "Cooler" Weather? Kind of

The mercury hit 100 in Houston for the first time on Sunday and it could happen again on Monday.
The mercury hit 100 in Houston for the first time on Sunday and it could happen again on Monday. Photo by Ray Bodden via Flickr
This weekend, Houston reached 100 degrees for the first time this year. A few areas around town, nevermind all the ubiquitous shots of car thermometers on social media, may have even gotten a bit higher than that, but the official high recorded at Bush Intercontinental Airport was 100 on Sunday.

With heat indexes climbing to nearly 110 and the entire state averaging triple digits, it was a seriously hot weekend in the Lone Star State. And we have yet to hit the peak of summer which, for Houston, should be over the next couple weeks.

The good news is that this week should be cooler than the weekend. The bad news is that cooler, in this case, is entirely relative. Monday will be much like the weekend with highs hovering near 100 degrees or higher and high humidity. The heat index could be above 110 degrees, very dangerous conditions for being outside. The large dome of high pressure over much of the state should not relent and we will be saddled with at least one more day of brutal summer weather.

By Tuesday, that high pressure should back off to the west and allow more ocean breezes and a slight moderation in temperatures. It will only be three or four degrees, but it's something. Also, chances, albeit very slight ones, for afternoon showers will return though no significant rainfall is expected until (maybe) late next weekend.

Until then, expect more partly to mostly sunny skies and highs in the mid to upper 90s. It will still be quite hazardous outside, but heat indexes will lower slightly and it won't be quite the brutal conditions we have seen the last few days. So, count your blessings?

As mentioned, we don't expect any measurable rainfall totals until maybe Sunday or into the early part of next week, but we'll worry about that later.

Checking on the Tropics

Weather in the tropical Atlantic remains remarkably quiet. The peak of hurricane season is still a month off, but cool sea surface temperatures and dry conditions across much of the basin suggest it should stay free of any storms for at least the next week or two. Once we get into August, chances for tropical systems rise quite dramatically, but, for now, it's all clear.
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