Weather Week: Fall is Coming

The first day of October is going to be a muggy one. With temperatures in the low 90s and humidity in the same vicinity, it's not going to feel very much like fall around here this week. When people up north are already pulling out sweaters and jackets, we are still lounging around the pool. I guess it isn't all that bad after all.

Through Friday, it will be warm, muggy and a shower is possible every day as the southerly flow off the Gulf of Mexico brings some afternoon rain with it. Whatever precipitation we do get, it will be very widely scattered, so don't expect much.

By Friday evening, an approaching cold front (you heard me) will begin to bring some changes. Forecasters are unclear on just when the front will make its way through the area, but most are favoring sometime on Saturday. Right now, a 30 percent chance of rain accompanies the frontal boundary, but it could be more. Afterwards, prepare for a change.

By Saturday evening, whatever rain we get should clear out and temperatures should dip into the 50s for the first time in quite some time. Sunday, forecasters are calling for highs around 80 degrees with sunny skies and relatively low humidity. That will continue into the first few days of next week as well. Our first real dose of fall is most certainly on the horizon.

There are a couple disturbances out in the Atlantic Basin, one in the Caribbean that is moving towards the Gulf, but all indications are it will be pulled north along the incoming frontal boundary, assuming it develops into anything at all.

Humidity will most certainly return later next week, but our days of highs in the mid to upper 90s are gone until 2014. Enjoy!

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