Weather Week: Heat, Rain, Possible Severe Weather But Probably No Tornadoes

It's tough not to think about weather after the devastating tornadoes that hit Oklahoma the last two days. The probably F-5 tornado that struck Moore just south of Oklahoma City could be one of the largest on record, an incredible two miles wide at its peak. Tornadoes are certainly nature's most instantaneously destructive force. Killer, super-sized F-5s can, as we've seen from the heartbreaking footage, level entire towns in a matter of minutes and with very little warning.

Here in Houston, forecasters are not expecting an outbreak of tornadoes. We don't generally have the kind of conditions conducive to forming large twisters, fortunately, but we do have heat and humidity. Both are back in force.

Rain chances over the weekend mostly petered out, but we've begun to settle into what is normal summer weather around here. That pattern includes sweltering afternoons quite often leading to thunderstorms as moisture pushes inland off the coast. As a result, the persistent forecast of partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of a shower or thunderstorm will set in for the duration.

The good news is, unlike the last year and a half, we probably will get some rain on occasion. Harris County is now officially free from drought conditions thanks to the substantial rains we had over the last month. This week, we can expect some afternoon storms to crop up, with our best chance this afternoon as the same system that spun up the severe weather in Oklahoma pushes south and east.

Areas to the north of town could experience slightly more severe weather than we do in Houston, but we could also get some rain.

As the week moves forward, the forecast shouldn't change much. Rain chances will taper after Wednesday and we should see partly cloudy skies with highs in the upper 80s to near 90. By the weekend, most of the clouds should clear out and we can expect some beautiful, if hot as hell, weather for the Memorial Day holiday. For Monday, the forecast calls for sunny skies, light southeast winds and a high around 87. Good pool weather.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.