Houston Weather Week: Hot Hot Heat

You might feel more comfortable in the fountain than on the train this week.
You might feel more comfortable in the fountain than on the train this week. Photo by Jim Porter via Flickr
Chances of rain in the immediate Houston area on Sunday mostly petered out as storms associated with a sagging front spun up north of the city, And while parts of town got a thunderstorm associated with some blustery winds and lightning,there were no significant accumulations and the storms moved through quickly. The same basic scenario should hold true for Monday, but the rest of the week? Well, let's just say we hope your A/C bills are paid.

As we mentioned, a very slow moving trough has been creeping toward the area. With it come increased chances of rain, but only slightly and they will likely be scattered. That could mean some afternoon showers just about anywhere around the Houston area, but it doesn't appear they will be widespread. Keep the umbrella handy, but don't be surprised if it makes for better use as a parasol than as a rain blocker.

By Tuesday, high pressure will again take charge and Tuesday through the end of the week appears to be one day after another of mostly the same. Expect highs in the low to mid 90s with muggy evening lows in the mid 70s.

Afternoon heating mixed with southerly breezes could stir up a few showers and thunderstorms throughout the week. That's pretty common around Houston during the summertime months, but overall, it appears to be dry and hot the remainder of the work week.

There will likely be some heat and ozone advisories throughout the week, so take precautions to stay cool and hydrated, and do the same for your loved ones and pets.

The good news is there is nothing currently to report in the tropics and maybe even some good news regarding the long range forecast for hurricane season.
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