Weather Week: One More Blast of "Winter" Before "Spring"

The seasons in Houston can get a little confusing. Well, except for summer, which is as easy to spot as a fat, sweaty guy in a car with a broken air-conditioning unit on 45 south in August. Now, that's hot. Outside of the sweltering abuse of July through September, our seasons are a mixed bag. This week, approaching the mid-point of February when everyone in the north is freezing under a blanket of snow, is no exception.

Fortunately, the early part of this week has been wet. The rain is a welcome sight for an area still bordering on drought. We could use a much longer soaking, but Monday's rainfall (and the little bit on Tuesday) will have to suffice for now. Monday was a particularly odd day for around here with lots of rain, a bit of hail and cold temperatures. The cold weather will remain, but the rain should clear out by Tuesday afternoon.

After that, expect a pattern of really lovely weather the rest of the week and into the weekend. Temperatures should reach the upper 60s through Friday with lows in the 40s, very typical of this time of year in Houston. Another reinforcing shot of cold air will move into the area late Friday and the weekend will be a tad nippy with highs only reaching 60 and lows in the mid-30s. There could even be a light freeze for areas north of town.

More specifically, Valentine's Day should be absolutely gorgeous if a tad chilly yet for patio weather and visitors to town during All-Star weekend should enjoy the best Houston's weather has to offer. Good thing they don't hold the game in August.

By next week, our chances of rain increase along with the temperatures. There is still a chance we could see another blast of cold air -- it happens even well into March on occasion -- but those opportunities will be fewer and farther in between as we get closer to what passes for spring in southeast Texas.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.