Weather Week: Pool Weather Is Over, But Who Cares?

I have a pool. It's great. Okay, I won't go beyond saying it is fantastic. But as awesome as that fact may be, I had to come to grips this week with the fact that pool weather is done in Houston. Chalk this up as a First World Problem, I suppose, but it points to the reality that we are entering the best part of our year for weather.

I've known people from northern locales who moved to Houston in the summer and were ready to move by the end of September. My advice to them is always the same: wait. This week is the proof that I'm right.

Granted, the highs are still going to creep back into the mid 90s. And with the super dry air in the region thanks to a big dome of high pressure, it warms up fast. But humidity is low and morning temperatures are in the low 50s -- some northern and western suburbs made it into the 40s -- under clear blue skies.

Expect that to continue, but rain chances do return by the weekend as another front approaches the city. But the best chances of rain appear to be the middle of next week when we could end up in a rainy pattern for a week or so. Still, it doesn't look like we will see any 90-degree weather for the foreseeable future.

That's great news for everyone sick of the heat, but time to shut down the pool for the year...or just get a heater.

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