Weather Week: Summer Pattern Engaged, Hurricane Season Peaks

You'll have to excuse my smugness as I've spent the last week in a place where the high temperature never got above 85. One day it was 79, and the evenings were downright chilly. But now that I'm back in Steamroom, Texas, I'll happily accept the fact that summer is, in fact, winding down. I know it seems difficult to believe given temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, but it's a fact.

In just over six weeks, it will be October. Our first actual cool front of the fall season normally pushes through town a week or two before that. It may not feel all that pleasant outside right now, but the best of what Houston has to offer weather-wise is closer than you think.

Having said all that, it's hot, muggy and a bit rainy out there at the moment and that should continue this week.

Most of the week will be a lot like Monday: hot, sunny and the chance of a shower in the afternoon. The highs should reach the mid 90s, but may cool down a degree or two by the weekend. This is typical weather for Houston this time of year.

Eye on the Tropics

One of the forecast computer models is suggesting there could be a tropical storm in the northern Gulf by the weekend, but that is unlikely. Still, moisture from the Gulf will bring the continued threat of rain for the next couple weeks. As we get later into August, it is expected that the tropics will begin to ramp up and we could see our first hurricane of the year. Despite an early start, it's been a fairly quiet season with only four named storms, but 80 percent of hurricanes come after mid-August, so the lack of activity so far is not indicative of what is to come.

The good news is that hurricane season begins to wind down in Houston about the time the weather begins cooling off -- late September. So, just a few more weeks of concern over the tropics and then we can put away the rations and plywood until next season. Until then, better keep an eye on things.

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