The flowers are beautiful, but the pollen is brutal.EXPAND
The flowers are beautiful, but the pollen is brutal.
Photo by Bill Damon via Flickr

Weather Week: More Spring, More Pollen in the Forecast

If you blinked (and lived south of The Woodlands) you might have missed the rain Houston received over the weekend. It wasn't much, but we were blanketed with clouds that kept it relatively cool albeit pretty muggy. This week will be similar to last week, but slightly warmer. Still, there will be plenty of sun and milder temperatures.

A series of cool fronts has dodged the entire area, but a Pacific front will push through the region by Monday. The temperatures won't drop dramatically, but it will bring with it much drier air. Expect Monday to be sunny with highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 50s, with perhaps a 40-degree temp north and west of town.

Tuesday and Wednesday, temps will climb just a bit into the mid and upper 70s while overnight lows in the 50s Tuesday night will begin to creep into the 60s overnight Wednesday as a southerly flow returns bring more humidity into Houston.

By Thursday, it will be muggy again as we move towards the weekend. Unfortunately, a weather pattern has set up for Houston over the last month or so with clear and somewhat cool weeks followed by rather cloudy weekends. That may persist next weekend, but we aren't there yet.

As kids head back to school (and parents who took off for spring break go back to work), it should be beautiful, clear, sunny weather for most of the week.

On the negative side, that means more pollen, which has been astoundingly high over the last couple weeks. If you have been sneezing like crazy and popping Allegra like breath mints at a singles mixer, keep hold of that Kleenex because there is more of that on the way.

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