Weather Week: The Cool Weather Is Back, With More on the Way

On Sunday, a friend of mine posted on his Facebook feed that the weather was worse than a hot summer day in Houston. His point was that we are now in the middle of November and that having record high heat (we reached 85, breaking the previous record high of 84) with high humidity was more of a cruel joke from Mother Nature than the mid-90s days of August. I can't say I necessarily disagree. Fortunately, we only had to bear a couple of those days before fall reasserted itself.

Monday, a moderate cool front blew through, lowering temperatures and dropping humidity levels. From highs in the 80s on Saturday and Sunday to highs in the 60s in the early part of the week, it was a welcome change back.

By the end of the week, temperatures should creep back into the mid- and upper 70s as the familiar onshore flow from the Gulf pushes back into southeast Texas ahead of an approaching cold front. Rain chances should increase to around 70 percent by Friday. We haven't had more than a trace of rain over the past few weeks, so anything at this point would be good.

The next cold front promises to be significantly more stout than our most recent one. Highs starting Saturday and throughout Thanksgiving week should barely reach 60, but it doesn't appear we will get a freeze this go-round as lows stay above the freezing level for areas closest to Houston. By Tuesday, parts north and west of the city might get close to the freezing mark, however.

The long-range forecast for Thanksgiving appears to be beautiful with sunny skies, highs in the 50s and lows in the mid-40s. But we are still a ways out to get an accurate read on Turkey Day, so stay tuned.

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