Eddie says it's gonna be OK, guys.
Eddie says it's gonna be OK, guys.

Weather Week: The Heat is On Houston

Welcome, summer. We may be in early May, but this week should provide us with our first 90-degree day of the year and the end of the pleasant spring weather we've been enjoying the last few weeks.

We managed to get a little rain over the weekend as a front moved through Friday night. Some areas got rain a couple times, late afternoon followed by some overnight showers as the front passed. Others didn't see anything. But, once it cleared out, we had some lovely, sunny days for the weekend though it was a bit warm if you were in the sun.

For the first few days of the week, that dry heat people like to tease us about when they talk about how nice it is in Phoenix compared to humid Houston will be felt around here. No, we won't be desert-like, but there will be dry air with our high temps in the low 90s. At least the mornings will feel nice.

By Wednesday, the humidity should start up again and we will begin to feel that classic Houston summer weather. But, don't expect much rain. The forecast looks fairly clear through the work week with just some stray clouds and the occasional chance of an afternoon shower with the daytime heating.

The good news is with all that heat and sunshine, your pool (and the waters in the Gulf) are going to start warming up quick. By the weekend, you may even enjoy a dip after some time in the sun.

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