Weather Week: The Long, Slow March to Fall Begins

It's September. Let that sink in for a moment. The unofficial end to summer was this past weekend: Labor Day. Most people around the country consider this past weekend to be the real end of summer. Up north, it starts getting cooler, much cooler, beginning now. We still have, at minimum, a couple more weeks of seriously hot temperatures before the cool fronts make it all the way to Houston. But make no mistake, summer's days are numbered.

For years as a photographer, I've talked to photographer friends about how the light changes this time of year. Shadows start to darken and the sky begins to turn a deeper shade of azure. Take a look outside and see for yourself. Fall is closing in.

But for the next week, it won't feel a bit like that. In fact, it will be hot as, well, you know where. With temperatures in the 90s and very little chance of rain all week, don't expect an early autumn just yet. Plan on extremely warm days and muggy evenings with less than a 30 percent chance of rain right through the weekend.

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Eye on the Tropics

There are two tropical waves in the Atlantic. One is just emerging from the coast of Africa and appears to be a storm destined to impact only shipping lanes -- if it even becomes a tropical storm. The other is nearing the Lesser Antilles and has a chance to develop, but even if it does, it is most likely going to turn north and miss the greater U.S. coastline.

Right now, for all intents and purposes, the Atlantic is quiet and right at the peak of hurricane season. Count your blessings.

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