Weather Week: The Roller Coaster Continues

Last week, as Eric Berger over at the Chron pointed out, brought some of the coldest temperatures recorded in the month of November in more than a decade. It made for a rather festive Thanksgiving holiday, but that will be erased the first part of this week as temperatures head in the opposite direction.

Through early Thursday, expect highs in the low 80s. Yes, the 80s. There's even a slight chance of hitting a record high before another cold front pushes through on Thursday. Until then, it is going to be downright balmy. If you like the warm, muggy weather, enjoy the next couple of days as warm, moist air off the Gulf flows into east Texas. But as always in Houston, a change is coming.

On Thursday, a pretty strong front will move through and temperatures will drop significantly. It is certainly possible our low on Thursday could be 40 degrees cooler than our high on Friday. With it, the front should bring gloomy conditions similar to weather the weekend before Thanksgiving. Highs on Friday and Saturday should hover in the mid 40s with rainy conditions. Some areas to the north of us might see some freezing precipitation, but Houston should remain above freezing.

For the foreseeable future, don't expect another heatwave. Long-range forecasts are calling for temperatures to remain cool, with highs not even reaching 60 for more than a week after this latest cold front.

Before you know it, fall will reassert itself with a vengeance. The roller-coaster ride continues.

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