Weather Week: Tropics Should Begin to Die Down, but Rain Chances Increase

The Houston area received a good dose of rain Monday afternoon as our typical warm, muggy and occasionally rainy summer forecast played out. Still, we are way behind where we need to be when it comes to precipitation. We may not be at 2011 levels of drought, but we are very dry regardless. Any rainfall is a blessing.

On that note, it looks as if we may get more rain this week, particularly as we head towards the weekend. By Friday, forecasts are calling for as much as a 70 percent chance of the wet stuff. Until then, expect the same heat, humidity and chances for showers every day. Highs should be in the low to mid 90s until cloud cover takes over late in the week and we seem them drop to the upper 80s.

Now that we are past the midway point in September, temperatures should quickly start moving downward. Don't expect any 75-degree days this month, but afternoons nearly 100 should certainly be over for the year.

Eye on the Tropics

Hurricane Ingrid moved onshore Monday morning in Mexico. Because it was so far to the south, it brought little in the way of rain to much of Texas. Still, instability in the Gulf will continue to move tropical moisture into Texas during the next week bringing chances for rain. Elsewhere, Tropical Storm Humberto remains quietly well out at sea and there are no other significant threats predicted for the next 3-5 days. Given that we have now passed the peak of hurricane season, it is safe to call this year a bust, at least in terms of the strength of storms. There have been 9 named storms, but only two hurricanes. With more than two months left in the season, there will undoubtedly be plenty more opportunities for named storms and there certainly could be a major hurricane or two, but the dire predictions earlier this year have not come to fruition and appear to be mostly inaccurate.

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