Weather Weekend: Could We Reach Triple Digits for the First Time This Year?

In case you had not left your home the last few days or have been in cryogenic freezing until just now -- that's weird -- you probably noticed it has been hot outside. Like really hot. Yesterday, it was 98 degrees, like the boy band, but not quite as lame. The heat index has been soaring into triple digits, but will the actual temperature get to 100 this weekend? Maybe.

High pressure has really asserted itself over the area and will persist into Sunday. That dome of high pressurs will cause temperatures to really climb, particularly on Friday and Saturday when we may have our first (and second) 100-degree day. One positive is that humidity should be relatively low with winds out of the north and northwest, so feel free to use, "Yes, but it's a DRY heat" to anyone who complains about it. That works so well for desert dwellers.

There is very little chance of rain, but if we do manage an afternoon shower Saturday or Sunday, it will be isolated at best.

As we get into next week, rain chances increase towards the holiday weekend, but for now, it's all about the brutal summer heat that is on us here in late June. Stay hydrated or hibernated, whichever is easiest.

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