Weather Weekend: A Little Rain, A Lotta Sun

This might be your last weekend to get out and see the wildflowers, so take advantage of the beautiful weather.
This might be your last weekend to get out and see the wildflowers, so take advantage of the beautiful weather. Photo by Christine Hoffman
If you were fortunate enough to be outside for even a few minutes on Wednesday, you may have wondered where you were or what time of the year it was. With high temperatures hovering the lower 70s with breezy conditions and blue skies, it felt more like early November in Houston or pretty much any time of the year in San Diego.

As has been the case the past month, spring is asserting itself, alternating between cloudy, muggy and/or rainy, and sunny, cool and beautiful. Wednesday was the latter and Thursday will be as well. As we get toward the weekend, we're going to get a dose of both.

Friday is shaping up to be mostly cloudy with highs in the mid 80s. It will be sticky, but generally overcast. By Friday night and into early Saturday, a cool front will approach and bring some rain and potentially a thunderstorm. This has been our weather pattern the last month-plus and it is typical of southeast Texas in March and April.

As the summer approaches, cool fronts tend to begin stalling either just north or right over the top of our area. The end result is a lot of cloudy, humid conditions mixed with rain. Fortunately, the front overnight Friday looks like it will clear us leaving behind some spectacular weather.

Rain showers should end for much of Houston by early morning on Saturday. Most of the severe weather associated with the front will remain well to our north, though a thunderstorm can't really be ruled out. Still, forecasters are calling for less than an inch of rain overall. By early afternoon on Saturday, the skies will clear and it will be downright chilly with highs not reaching 70 degrees and overnight lows not getting above 50.

If you are out Saturday night, bring a jacket or a sweater or something. Yeah, I know it's April in Houston! Sunday should be equally nice with highs around 70 under mostly sunny skies.

It's going to be chamber of commerce weather out there all weekend, so get outside and enjoy it before the average low temperature is 75 degrees. It's coming sooner than we think.
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