Houston's Weather Weekend: High Pressure Means High Heat

The only place you might be able to cool off this weekend outside of a movie theater.
The only place you might be able to cool off this weekend outside of a movie theater. Photo by Nataly via Flickr
The opening weekend of June (and hurricane season) is going to feel more like August. High pressure, the kind that blankets the state of Texas at times during the summer months, is in control and the result will be a brutally warm weekend for southeast Texas.

Last week brought rain, which managed to keep the temperatures at least somewhat moderate. This weekend will be quite the opposite. Oh, sure, a stray shower might slip in there in the afternoon heating, but it is more likely you'll need sunscreen than an umbrella.

Thursday and Friday will be much like the rest of the work week. It will be hot and sunny with a few stray clouds around. Highs will be in the low 90s and it will be muggy with winds blowing out of the south, right off the Gulf. That trend will continue into Saturday and Sunday, but temperatures might bump up into the upper 90s both days.

A weak front could move through Sunday later in the day, but it probably won't pack much punch and certainly won't cool things off. It could be a little less humid by early next week, but that's about it.

As a result, don't be surprised if there are ozone warnings and heat advisories around all weekend. Stay cool and make sure your friend, relatives and pets do the same.

In good news, the tropics for the first weekend of hurricane season are all quiet. Subtropical Storm Alberto is continuing to drop rain across the Midwest, but there isn't any new tropical weather expected anytime soon.
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