Over this coming weekend, you might want to follow this pup's example.EXPAND
Over this coming weekend, you might want to follow this pup's example.
Photo by Bruce Simmons via Flickr

Weather Weekend: Still No Rain in Sight for the Bayou City

It has been hot this week, real hot. In fact, it bumped up against some record highs. This weekend might be slightly "cooler" if you want to use that word for it. But, the humidity will increase as well, so we've got that going for us.

Thursday and Friday will be very similar to what we have seen the rest of the week. Highs should be in the mid to upper 90s with a few stray clouds and virtually no rain forecast. Houston hasn't quite reached drought conditions, but it is something that bears watching as we get deeper into the summer.

On Saturday and Sunday, humidity will increase a bit as the winds shift brining moist air of the Gulf. Ah, the balmy Gulf breezes we all know and love. That means highs around 91 instead of 95, so don't expect to put on a jacket or anything. Overnight lows will remain in the mid 70s. It will be steamy with basically no chances of rain either day.

There is a slightly better chance of rain into the beginning of next week, but there will be loads of sunshine all weekend long.

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