The Saharan dust heading for Houston might not look this dramatic, but it's going to be annoying never the less.
The Saharan dust heading for Houston might not look this dramatic, but it's going to be annoying never the less.
Photo by zeesstof via Flickr

Weather Weekend: The Heat and Dust Cometh

Weather in many cities can be monotonous. Phoenix is hot and dry. Seattle is gray and drizzly. And while Houston may not have that level of consistency to its weather, there is a rhythm that anyone who has lived here a while recognizes, particularly in summer. It goes something like this: Muggy morning becomes hot midday followed by rain showers in the afternoon and a steam room-like early evening. Repeat as necessary.

We have entered that portion of your Houston summer schedule, so get ready.

Most of the week has seen the emergence of that pattern with a few scattered storms in the afternoons but otherwise hot, humid conditions. That will continue through the weekend. The best chances of rain are probably Saturday afternoon, but nothing super widespread is forecast, and as we get into next week, the heat will really begin to ramp up.

Additionally, on Sunday, we should have our second bout with Saharan dust. A fairly sizable cloud of it is moving across the Gulf and should settle into the Houston area Sunday afternoon. Officials say it probably won't be quite as bad as it was the final few days of June, but if you have allergies, expect them to spike this weekend. Best to stay inside as much as possible.

In the Tropics...

Category 2 Hurricane Chris is rapidly speeding northeast parallel to the U.S. coastline on its way to the northern Atlantic. The remnants of tiny Hurricane Beryl is drifting northwest through the Bahamas. There is a slight chance to could restrengthen once it gets away from the dry air slowing it down, but it is not a concern for folks in these parts.

Beyond that, the National Hurricane Center isn't paying much mind to anything in particular and none of the forecast models are indicating any development in the Atlantic Basin over the next ten days.

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