Web Extra: Aggies Behaving Badly

Too bad

Zach Corcoran

wasn’t a football field.

The Aggies and their Corps of Cadets operate on tradition. Sure, there's the stuff with that dang dog, but don't you dare step foot on their football field. Because that football field is sacred. And if you step foot on the turf, the Corps will attack.

For instance, cadets will punch people in the face if they step on the field, as happened in 2002 after Nebraska beat A&M in College Station. (However, it is interesting that cadets who punch out fans at football games are at least charged and fined.) There was also the incident in 1995, after UT defeated the Aggies at Kyle Field. And don't forget about the brave cadet who drew a sword on a SMU cheerleader in order to defend the turf.

This bad sportsmanship from the Corps goes at least as far back as 1973, when they tried to storm the Rice Stadium field -- only Kyle Field is sacred to Aggies -- after a MOB performance belittling everything A&M. Some of the cadets punched members of the MOB, and they held the band hostage at the stadium for over two hours following the game.

It's shocking what happened to Corcoran. But it shouldn't be surprising. Not to anybody who has paid any attention to the Corps over the years. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.