Web Site: Fellas, All You Need to Get Laid on Valentine's is $218!

Attention ladies: if you had sex with a dude last Valentine's Day, and that dude spent less than $218 on you that day, you sold yourself short. Or so says a highly scientific study by the sugar daddy Web site SeekingArrangement.com, which "found that on average, a man needs to shell out $218 for a happy ending to their night."

"Every woman dreams of being treated like a goddess on Valentine's Day," SeekingArrangement.com founder Brandon Wade says in a press release. "Even those that dislike the holiday will purposefully go out in hopes of catching a last minute date." And then, for slightly over $200, the Web site's data shows that the goddess will apparently bang the dude.

The info came from a survey of 9,000 women's experiences over their last three Valentine's Day dates. The Web site's crack clinical research team also polled 8,300 dudes of varying relationship statuses to see how much they have typically spent on VDs past:

Single: $257 (dinner or activity)

Married: $203 (presents)

Committed relationship: $180 (presents)

Romance expert Wade explains it thus: "A single will put all his chips into the experience. That shows a woman the potential of a relationship. Whereas a committed or married man tends to focus on the perfect present to show the value of their relationship."

This does not bode well for Hair Balls, since we currently have only $216 and change. Anyone have a few bucks to spare?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.