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Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking: Special Post-Amsterdam Edition

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So I was in Amsterdam for the weekend – working on those frequent flyer miles – and I missed the Texans’ 33-27 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. However, the BBC World Service did manage to show highlights from the Titans/Jaguars game.

After the game, Gary Kubiak went with the “we had a good effort” excuse, coupled with the “we came up a couple of plays short” line of thinking. So in other words, I missed the game, but I didn’t miss the game. It was just like many games they played this year. Which I discovered after I watched the game last night – and what a waste of three hours that was.

I saw the standard Texans problems. They had trouble getting a touchdown within the red zone. They had to waste a timeout because they had too many men on the field (13), and they had to waste another timeout because Sage Rosenfels couldn’t hear the play that Kubiak was calling. The defense couldn’t stop Peyton Manning. The defense couldn’t stop Joseph Addai. The coaching staff couldn’t make midgame adjustments. And at a key moment of the game, Sage Rosenfels committed a turnover.

Did I miss anything?

How about the Colts scoring on all four of their second half possessions, or five straight scoring drives from the end of the first half on? Or the Colts gaining 224 yards on offense in the third quarter alone, 102 of which came from the Colts anemic running game? Or how about the Texans being down by only three points with over eight minutes left in the game, yet failing to stop the Colts and only getting the ball with about 1:54 left on the clock and down by six points?

“The bottom line is we didn’t stop them,” Gary Kubiak said. Which is something Texans fans have heard way too often. And it’s something that, I admit, I’m really, really sick of hearing.

The Texans (3-7) face the Cleveland Browns (4-6) on Sunday, this time in Cleveland. Now it’s possible the Texans could win this game – the Browns haven’t been very good this season, after all. But the game is on the road, and the Texans are 4-17 on the road under Gary Kubiak. But at least the Texans are done with the Colts for this season. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I think that’s something for which we can all be thankful.


The Texans might not be able to win on the road, but the Tennessee Titans have now won seven straight road games after defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-14 on Sunday. The Titans at 10-0 are still the NFL’s only undefeated team, and they have won their past two games by going to a different style of play. A style of play featuring the pass game.

Kerry Collins threw for 230 yards and three touchdowns, including two in the third quarter as the Titans overcame an 11-point halftime deficit. Two of Collins’ three TDs were to receiver Justin Gage, who caught four passes for 147 yards.


One of the good things about being in Amsterdam over the weekend was that I missed the Pittsburgh Steelers/San Diego Chargers history-making tilt. And by history-making, I mean history-making as the 11-10 final score was the first time in NFL history that a game ended with that score. And to get to that score, Jeff Reed had to kick a 32-yard field goal for the Steelers with only 11 seconds left in the game.

Wow. You don’t know how upset I am that I missed this game.


Amazingly, Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb claims not to have known that regular season games can end in a tie; he thought that the regular season overtime games were like the playoffs, where they play until someone scored. I wonder if this understanding of McNabb’s could partly explain why the Eagles failed to score against the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime, leaving the score tied at 13-13 and making for the first NFL game to end in a tie in six years.


And Mr. Jessica Simpson returned to action for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, leading the Cowboys to the 14-10 win over the Washington Redskins. The Cowboys’ record improved to 6-4, and they are now tied with the Redskins, with both teams now three games behind the New York Giants in the NFC East standings.

The Redskins, meanwhile, have been held to a grand total of one touchdown over their last two games, and have they have now lost two straight games for the first time this season.


Oh, and for what it’s worth, I could have watched the football games in Amsterdam as they have several bars which show American football on Sunday nights – including a Hooters-type sports bar. But really, come on? It’s Amsterdam. Why would I want to waste my time watching the Texans when there were so many other things to do? – John Royal

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